Daniel Stern Has Lost His Marbles, Offers What Is Officially The Most Ridiculous Dining Deal Of The Summer

Went to Daniel Stern’s MidAtlantic for the first time in a very long time last night. Lots of changes since the early days, but one menu item that I am very happy to report remains: Stern’s awesome Smokehouse Dog, the same one that Rick Nichols deemed “magnificent” in this 2009 article. It’s a flavor-packed combination of beef neck and shoulder, spiced up and mixed with beef kidney fat before being ground and stuffed into a natural sheep casing.

The only thing better than the dog itself is that, for the month of July (aka National Hot Dog Month), you can get one on homemade bread with homemade slaw, mustard, chips, and pickles (only the plate itself is not homemade) for just $6. Oh wait. No, that would merely be a fantastically good dining deal. No, Stern has clearly been deprived of oxygen for too long high up in the kitchen of R2L, because for $6, he’s giving you all that plus an ice-cold pint of Narragansett Lager.