Vedge Promises to Make Veggies Sexy

Richard Landeau and Kate Jacoby have settled on a location for Vedge, their new vegan restaurant. Vedge will be located at 1221 Locust Street in the former Deux Cheminees and never opened Ulysses Voyage and Il Pittore.

Landeau promises to place vegetables in the spotlight like never before. From the vegetable bar customers will be able to watch the chefs in action as they put together the cold plates, antipasto, pickles, vegetable charcuterie and more. In the adjacent hot kitchen the searing, roasting, grilling and smoking that was a signature part of Horizons will take place.

The bar and cocktail lounge in the beautiful old building will showcase craft beers, a  select wine list, and changing menu of cutting edge cocktails.

Landau says Vedge will be fresh and bold, “it’s daring, but built on classics. It’s top quality ingredients, prepared skillfully and creatively. It’s the sexy way to eat your veggies.”