Weekend: Discovered Beer, Cupcake Grand Openings & Flea Market Brunch


Noble stumbled across some leftover cases of Stillwater and White Birch beers. So head on over and enjoy some great beers. Just leave us a couple, thanks.


Brown Betty’s new Northern Liberties flagship location is having a grand opening lawn party from noon to 4 p.m. There will be pink lawn flamingos, Astro Turf, hoola hoops, mini cupcakes, ice-cream sandwiches, iced espresso granitas, and the Taco Loco truck.

Sycamore has a couple of new dishes to try this weekend including applewood smoke-roasted duck with quinoa salad, watercress and sour cherry reduction. Also on the menu is seared New Jersey sea scallops with sweet corn flan and a house-smoked tomato vinaigrette.


The Institute is kicking of their Flea Market Brunch. The bar is opening its second floor to arts and crafts vendors while the downstairs serves up its new brunch menu.