The Great Pizza Quest: The Best Pizza in Philly

Like all great plans, this one started with one simple, crazy idea: what if we really tried to find the best pizza in Philadelphia?

What if–damning all cost and better judgment–we just started eating and didn’t stop until we knew for sure what the best was? What the worst was? And where everything else fell in between? What if we took notes, cataloged all our opinions, and simply ate and ate and ate until there were no more pies to try?

Three months and more than a thousand pizzas later, we have our answer. We know what the 50 best pizzas in Philadelphia are. We know who has the best crust and the best sauce, who does it best at the table and by the slice. And now, you can, too. In this month’s issue of Philadelphia magazine, we have the top 50 pies in the region all laid out nice and pretty for you. But what’s more, we also have an entire website now devoted to nothing but pizza in Philly–the good, the bad, the brilliant and the inedible.

This is where you go when you’re looking for a Friday night delivery pie in your neighborhood, when you’re looking for a joint that serves slices in Manayunk, when you want to check out that weird little strip mall joint down the street that you’ve always been hesitant to try. We have maps, pictures, a slideshow, a list of Philly’s top 50 pies (and 100 best as well), and a database of over 500 pizza restaurants that you can search until you find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all there. It’s all waiting, just for you–everything you ever wanted to know about Philadelphia pizza, all in one place.


The Great Pizza Quest [Philadelphia magazine]