Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Pizza, Shola, Hoagies, Dogs and Instant Mashed Potatoes

So the biggest news this week was obviously the arrival on the stands of Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Pizzas issue. But that wasn’t all we did. No, we were also poking our noses into the kitchens of Philadelphia’s finest restaurants to see who was using Betty Crocker Potato Buds,weighing in on the Amoroso’s strike and subsequent hoagie shortages, giving you the run-down on the just-opened Serafina and figuring out what was happening with American Sardine Bar–which had blown past its opening date like it wasn’t even there.

Here’s some of the other stuff you might’ve missed…

A Sly Fox Beer Dinner at Matyson Scallops, foie gras, pork belly and beer? Sign us up.
A Brunch Menu For Dogs We SO wish this was a joke. Unfortunately, it’s not.
Shola Vs. Blatstein To say that this story of ego, money and the (non)opening of Speck pissed a few people off would be the understatement of the year.
The Great Philadelphia Pizza Quest In which we explain what it was like to eat 1,000 pizzas
The Great Pizza Quest: By The Numbers In which we explain that it was actually more like 1,110 pizzas (and 640,000 calories)

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