So What’s Up With American Sardine Bar?

We were checking in with several on the horizon restaurant and bar projects and of course had to ask how American Sardine Bar was progressing. After all we were told it would be opening shortly after Beer Week ended and there’s been some visible work happening to the exterior.

What we got back was this statement from an obviously frustrated John Longacre.

On May 18th we were granted unanimous approval by the zoning board for our zoning variance to make the 2nd floor commercial.  We now have the appropriate use permit and are moving forward.  We hope to be open in a month or two provided we do not have any more hick ups from the city.  We have not had an easy time dealing with Anna Verna’s office on this matter.  They have made us cow-tail to one special interest group in the area.  This entire ordeal have been ridiculous.  This process had made me understand why Point Breeze looks the way it does.


American Sardine Bar [Official Site]