Figuring Out 1518 Bar & Grill

Adam Erace asks “what’s your deal” to 1518 Bar & Grill. Is it a gastropub, bro bar or Mediterranean kitchen.

Then what are you, 1518? A few months in, Bouikidis and Hajdari are still figuring it out, sorting through the solitary businessmen, history-buff tourists and disloyal deal-hounds of Center City Sips to unearth and incubate a real customer base. They should capitalize on items like the grilled romaine salad, thick hearts of watery lettuce transformed by charcoal and a generous application of creamy, Caesar-ish black pepper-Parmesan dressing. Terribly original? No, but it tasted good and was one of the few things at 1518 that was executed clean and proper. (Even the burger, which I really enjoyed, was slightly overcooked.)

Public Address [City Paper]
1518 Bar & Grill [Official Site]