Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Roman, Tweed, Ansill, Perrier and Then A Lot Of Beer

It was a somewhat schizophrenic week here at Foobooz World Headquarters, high atop 1818 Market. On the one hand, we had the fun of beer week happening all around us and our responsibility as shameless lushes responsible journalists to cover that as thoroughly as we could. On the other, there was real news happening as well–equally as important, if not quite so deliciously alcoholic.

We did what we could to balance our competing urges for scandal, action, hops and barley. But just in case you missed some stuff during the course of the past five days, here’s the best of the week’s stories, broken down into two convenient sections.

Actual, non-alcoholic news:

Down on the farm Getting dirty at the new Marathon Farm
Blind Quotes: This Is How To Get Your Ass Fired The Doritos excuse…
Pizza and Perrier But not in the same place
Tweed Goes Dark For Good Bring on the lawyers
From LaCroix To Mica To Ansill Jason Cichonski gets a kitchen of his own

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Booze News:
Kenzinger Gets A Commercial And we have the video, just for you
Local Beers of Beer Week We drink, you decide
Hot City, Cool Night Night Market news
Beer Week’s Weekend Schedule Only 3 days to go…
The Official Foobooz Beer Week Twitter Widget Everything you need to know, all in one place