Bobo’s for Korean BBQ

Adam Erace heads to the Northeast for Korean barbecue at Bobo’s. Bobo’s it turns out has been there for eight years but recently been reborn with better quality meats, 30+ craft beers and three women called Auntie.

Of the barbied meats, the prime rib was the resounding favorite, marinated 48 hours in a brew featuring soy, sesame oil, scallion, kiwi fruit and secret ingredients known only to Auntie No. 2 and her matriarchal posse. Sweet and sour white onions added punch and salinity to the less thrilling pork belly. I also enjoyed the matcha-sprinkled pig with a bit of gyeran jjim, the silky steamed egg custard percolating in a neat clay chamber. Breakfast written all over it! “The egg is palate cleanser,” Kim explains. “Like ginger with sushi.” Oops.

Oh! The kimchi. Bobo’s is the best I’ve had: crunchy, ripe and really hot. The hunks of fermented cabbage arent the only areas where Auntie No. 2 deploys high-octane levels of spice.

Auntie Matter [City Paper]
@BobosBarPhilly [Twitter]