Around the Web: Bucking Bulls, Guapos & Strolls and Unlimited Brunch

Foobooz’s Arthur Etchells fails terribly at riding the bull last night at Percy Street Barbecue. [Messy & Picky]

Living on the Vedge gets an early taste of Fare on Fairmount. [Living on the Vedge]

Two Eat Philly and Row Home Eats check out Guapos Tacos during Baltimore Avenue’s Dollar Stroll last Thursday. Both enjoy the tacos but they still have other food truck favorites. Row Home Eats continues down the Avenue picking up bites along the way. [Two Eat Philly | Row Home Easts]

Bridges, Burgers and Beer checks out the soup dumplings offered at Sakura Mandarin. How do they compare to his time in Shanghai? [Bridges, Burgers and Beer]

The plusses way out pace the minuses in Midtown Lunch’s take on Sansom Kabob House. [Midtown Lunch]

Two Eat Philly also eat their way through the unlimited brunch at Cuba Libre. [Two Eat Philly]

Philly Sports History is doing beer related posts all week in honor of Philly Beer Week. Did you know beer is the reason Harry Kalas came to town? [Philly Sports History]