Around the Web: Beer Week Round Up Edition

With 900+ events it is impossible to summarize Philly Beer Week. But that hasn’t stopped many from trying. Here are the best round-ups of the colossal Beer Week.

Beer Week Executive Director Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) breaks down Beer Week by section of the city; highlighting an essential stop, hidden gem and don’t miss event in each neighborhood. [Philadelphia Daily News]

Grub Street cherry picks its list of worth events from the “sudsy seas” of Beer Week. [Grub Street]

Beer blogger Brian Kolesar shares the list of the events he actually plans to hit up. Brian’s a distance runner, good luck keeping up. [Brew Lounge, Part 1 | Brew Lounge, Part 2]

We would never call Felicia DAmbrosio a sour puss but she does like some sour beer. If you also dig lambics and the like, follow her tart list. [Meal Ticket]

Main Line Dish picks out five brunch options from a pajama party to a vintage beer shindig. [Main Line Dish]