Can You Guess The Name Of Art In The Age’s New Booze?

First there was ROOT. Then there was SNAP. Now, the folks at Art In the Age are telling us that they’re coming out with another spirit in July. But they won’t tell us the friggin’ name! Or what it’s made out of. So we need your help.

Here’s what we do know:

• It’s 80-proof.

• Instead of four letters, the name will contain five.

• The spirit is inspired by Pennsylvania history.

• It is “veggie oriented”, thereby excluding WHOOP, which would have been awesome.

Enter your best guess (meaning one per person) in the comments section below. Once the real name is actually revealed (or leaked and confirmed, which is more likely in this climate), the first commenter with the right guess gets a free bottle of the stuff. And if no one gets it right, well, I guess we’ll just have to drink it ourselves. a VIP invite to an exclusive preview party for ___________ at a time and place TBD. (Apparently some people don’t like the idea of giving away free bottles of booze. Who knew?)