First Bite: Rotisserie Chicken at Rotisseur

Last night we checked out the softly opened Rotisseur on 21st Street just south of Chestnut. The minimal 16-seat space serves rotisserie chicken and sides that change daily. the menu ranges from a leg and a thigh for $4 to $14 for a whole chicken. The chickens are all local, cage-free, hormone free, antibiotic-free and halal but all that wouldn’t really matter if it didn’t taste good. Rest assured, these birds are juicy and tasty. We had a breast and wing with sides of potato salad and corn muffins (for under 10 bucks). The chicken was juicy and tender while the crust had a good snap and stayed on the chicken throughout. We cleaned the bones and that’s saying something coming from this top-of-the-food-chain prissy eater. The sweet corn muffins and potato salad were also winners.

Rotisseur will add other proteins and delivery down the line. Right now the restaurant is only open for dinner from Monday through Friday with lunch hours coming soon. We can hardly wait to add Rotisseur to our lunch rotation.

100.5 S 21st St

Rotisseur Menu (JPG)