Bad News In The ‘Burbs: Mama Velia’s Goes Dark

It’s not like there’s a shortage of great, neighborhood places to get a pizza in the suburbs. In some cases, it seems like the only reason for certain suburbs to exist at all is to provide the necessary infrastructure for the opening (or continued operation) of fifty more pie joints, a few places for cheesesteaks, 7 more crappy take-out Chinese restaurants (and one really good one that everyone tries to keep secret), a pho shop, a Thai place, a terrible Mexican restaurant, 2 abandoned diners, 3 cupcake shops and 11 places to buy soft pretzels, tomato pie, butter cake and kruschiki.

But still, the loss of even one pizza place makes each town the poorer. And that’s why we’re sad to report that Mama Velia’s, the Royersford BYOB, has closed. It went dark about a week back, and is already on its way to becoming something called Doc’s Bistro–which, of course, we assume will be a place to get some pate, a small beer, a prostate exam and an Oxycontin scrip all at the same time.