Taming the Gourmand at The Farm and Fisherman

Adam Erace checks out The Farm and Fisherman today in City Paper. Erace finds that chef Joshua Lawler’s cooking can calm his inner gourmand and then there’s the Bloody Beet Steak.

Take that beet. Served on a cool, white swipe of housemade yogurt, the roasted and smashed root looked bloody indeed, as red and black as a prizefighter’s mug. The crispy, singed skin, peeling back like the petals of a dark Amazon flower. The drops of balsamic, aged and wise. The splatter of intensely savory “pan drippings,” nothing more — and yet much, much more — than stuck-in-the-pan beet bits and shallots, deglazed with sherry vinegar and chicken stock and finished with butter …

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