From Tryst to Chenango, It’s Time To Vote For The Most Stupid Restaurant Name Ever

Two things just happened. First, no one voted in the primary elections. And second, Georges Perrier announced that he’s changing the name of Le Bec-Fin’s Le Bar Lyonnais to Tryst. Gag. Since we all seem to care more about restaurants than we do the possibility of Milton Street beating Michael Nutter (gag, again), I thought we’d have a little fun in deciding Philly’s most stupid restaurant (or bar) name. Past or present.

And the candidates are:

Tryst: Wow, Perrier. Just. Wow.

Chenango: Arrow Swim Club’s restaurant element sounds more like a movie about a boy and his dog, Chenango. “Come back, Chenango!”

Swanky Bubbles: A name as bad as the place itself. At least it’s fitting.

Pastrami and Things: Just what are these “things” in my sandwich?

Whisper: Oh, and the private room is called Shhh.

Swallow: Yes, we know it was named after the nautical tattoo, but c’mon!

G Lounge: The G stands for god awful.

Chubby Balboa’s: You don’t mess with Rocky.

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