Weekend: Italian Market Festival, Hoppy Beers & Great Fried Chicken

Sunday Supper at JG Domestic


Friday the Firkinteenth continues at the Grey Lodge.


Saturday and Sunday features the Italian Market Festival on 9th Street. There’s always so much great food there. And this year in honor of Esposito’s 100th anniversary it is creating a 100 foot long sausage.

Nodding Head is continuing its Second Saturday series of events with seven hoppy beers. From 3 to 6 p.m. BPA, Fava’s Revenge, IPA, Goldihops, Rufus, Maruder and a Double dry-hopped Saison will all be on tap.

Prepare for next week’s opening of Frankford Hall with a Beer Tasting and Maifest at the German Society. The tasting starts at 2:30 p.m. and costs $35 per person. At 4:30 the a la carte Maifest opens to the public with grilled bratwurst, potato salad, and various beverages.


Jose Garces’ Amada is adding weekend brunch and the new dishes have us salivating like Kang and Kodos. Brunch Menu (PDF)

If you can’t make it to Amada for brunch consider JG Domestic for dinner. $35 gets you a family-style meal of dinner rolls, salad, soup, baked macaroni, mashed potatoes, pickled baby carrots and more. All of this is just preamble to the fried or roasted chicken main course. Take our advice and go with the fried chicken, you won’t regret it.