Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Best New Restaurants, Beer Week, Beard Awards and Alcoholic Paper Airplanes

“There are not many better things that a bottle of gin can aspire to than being used in the construction of a perfectly cold, very dry, slightly dirty gin martini. And most bartenders would probably agree that a simple cocktail, well-made by trained hands is precisely the creative limit to which any alcohol should rise.

Chefs on the other hand? They’re never really satisfied with leaving well enough alone. Inveterate tinkerers that they are, they’re always screwing with the good things. Give ‘em a perfectly good goose and the next thing you know they’re jamming it full of goose-food and harvesting its fattened liver for foie gras. Show ‘em a taco and half of ‘em are going to want to fill it with kimchee (or something even stranger). And a bottle of gin? Forget it. The first thing you’ll end up with is a drunk chef, followed quickly by gin marinades, gin sauce, gin foams, gin infusions and a nice bearnaise monter au gin.

Oh, and also? Gin paper.”

From “11 Best Uses For Foldable Gin.” And yes, origami cocktails is one of them.