Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Guapos Tacos, Boozy Robots, Harry Ochs and Fire

“The Buffalo chicken pizza survived the moment of its awful conception and rocketed to popularity because, apparently, the gluttonous among us are unable to even stop for a fucking breath between the bite of pizza and stripping the meat from the chicken bone. We have to have it all at once–dripping sauce and oozing blue cheese dressing–and, seriously, if the Buffalo chicken pizza is a good idea, then why not boiled lobsters stuffed with strawberry cheesecake or delicate slips of seared foie gras balanced atop cupcakes filled with warm bearnaise sauce? All of those things are good, right? Then wouldn’t they be double-good when mashed together?”

Just a taste of the bitterness in “This Is Why I Hate You: Tony A’s