There’s an App for that Village Whiskey Wait

The wait to get into Village Whiskey has been a bit legendary since its opening in 2009. Three-hour waits on Friday nights aren’t uncommon and the smug denial of the hostesses have rankled more than a few.

Now there’s an app to help with that wait. Pittsburgh based NoWait helps hosts and hostesses manage the wait list using text notifications to alert guests that their table is ready.

What NoWait promises that a pen and paper cannot is the chance to further market to a visitor. Customers can be offered a special deal or to opt-in to the establishment’s mailing list via text message.

Village Whiskey General Manager Rob Scully says NoWait can alleviate some of the frustration for waiting for a table and it’s the kind of ‘refresh’ we need after 2 years in business.”

NoWait [Official Site]
Village Whiskey [Official Site]