Quick Bites: Center City Falafel, American Sardine Delays and Kitchen Returns

Falafel makes a triumphant return to 18th and Ranstead. Crisp is the name of the New York-based falafel operation. There’s an odd density of falafel options in that area of Center City with Mama’s, Pita Pit, Falafel Barand the falafel carts at 16th and JFK and 20th and Market.  [The Insider]

Ro-Zu has been reborn Big Eyes Sushi. The 7th and Bainbridge spot’s new life as a sushi spot is decidedly more affordable and less exotic. [Meal Ticket]

The latest on American Sardine Bar? Sounds like late May as the anticipated bar is awaiting a May 18th zoning hearing regarding its upstairs kitchen and commercial operations. [Meal Ticket]

Fare has an opening date and a menu. The Insider has both. [The Insider]

Ali Waks who has been sending us press releases for a couple years is giving up the pen for a whisk as she is now in the kitchen at Delicatessen. [Grub Street]

Former Flying Monkey owner Rebecca Torpie is getting back in the food biz. She hopes to open Wedge & Fig by June’s First Friday in the former Old City Cheese on 3rd Street. [Meal Ticket]