Quick Bites: BBQ On Wheels, Circles Expanding and Props to Flying Fish

Mark Coates who is still primarily associated with Bebe’s Barbecue is leaving his current position at Fergie’s in order to open the Smoke Truck, a mobile endeavor he’s taking on with Carmen Cappello of the Wishing Well. [Meal Ticket]

Newbold’s Thai takeout spot Circles is opening a cafe across the street. Circles Cafe will seat 36 and will serve pastries, sandwiches, bubble tea, coffee and Circles’ Thai menu. [Meal Ticket]

Flying Fish’s Exit 4 won the Washington Post’s Beer Madness bracket, topping 63 competitors. The Post’s pro-panel that agreed with popular vote, picking the hoppy Tripel as tops by a 6-3 vote over Lagunitas Maximus.  [Washington Post]

A.D. Amorosi reports that T.A. Flannery’s will be reborn as a “dark woodsy nightspot — sexy but low-key.” [City Paper]