Happy 4/20, You Stoners: A 12-Course Dream Menu to Pair With Your Weed

Happy Weed Day, everyone!

Yes, today is April 20th and as every college student, Phish fan, trust-fund hippie, glaucoma patient and resident of Boulder, Colorado knows, April 20th is a very special day on the calendar. It’s a day for celebrating the joys of nature’s bounty, a kind of harvest festival for the dreadlocked and tie-dyed. It’s a holiday most commonly observed by getting totally weird on the pot and pretending like your public consumption of said hippie lettuce has a political bent by wearing t-shirts demanding the immediate legalization of the thing you’re openly smoking in the middle of a public park on a Wednesday afternoon.

As reported by Grub Street earlier this afternoon, Domino’s apparently knows full well what 4/20 means and has released a one-day-only Groupon which will get peckish weed enthusiasts still capable of operating a phone a 10-topping pizza for just $8. And while that’s all well and good (we can’t imagine anyone but a gang of very stoned liberal arts majors and drum circle attendees even considering a 10-topping pizza–or eating anything from Domino’s, period), we here at Foobooz HQ put our heads together and decided that, as a service to some of our more gastronomically picky (but still super-stoned) readers, we’d come up with a list of some of the best ways for the discriminating stoner to take the edge off his or her munchies this evening.

List after the jump. You’re welcome in advance.

A tasting menu for the gastronomically inclined 4/20 celebrant

Amuse Bouche:

Giant glass goblet of gourmet oyster crackers from The Oyster House (no, we don’t suggest just going there and snarfing up all the crackers you can get your hands on before staggering blearily out into the night. Of course we wouldn’t suggest that. But if you happen to be in the neighborhood…)


A Selection of Fried Goods, including foie gras poutine from Adsum, fried PB&J sandwiches from the South Philly Taproom, more poutine in the form of the crab-gravy Fathom Fries at Fathom. (Poutine is pretty much the perfect weed/food pairing, invented by Canadian dope fiends, brought across the border by starving pot heads and restaurant crews desperate for something better than Twinkies and licking Doritos dust from the bag, and now available in many varieties all across our weedy republic)

1st Remove:

Grilled cheese and fried chicken and waffles from Jones (’nuff said. In order to survive the wait, we suggest stuffing your pockets with the baked mac and cheese from Good Dog and eating it standing.)

2nd Remove:

Fried egg chilaquiles from El Rey (Screw you, Taco Bell. We can do better.)


Water ice, from pretty much anywhere, in the weirdest flavors imaginable, and a boba tea chaser from Zen Tea House (Because water ice pairs nicely with anything from kush to cocaine and boba tea is like drinking a lava lamp without, you know…dying.)

3rd Remove:

A double shot from the Continental: Lobster mac and cheese and Szechuan shoestring fries with Chinese mustard (I’m not saying that Stephen Starr is out celebrating 4/20 right now, but with three of his restaurants making our very exclusive list of weed-friendly plates…?)


The Pumpple from Flying Monkey–pumpkin and apple pies baked inside a chocolate and vanilla cake, respectively, then jammed together to form one super-cake powerful enough to drive Rachael Ray completely out of her gourd. (This thing would kill me sober. I can’t even imagine what effect it might have were I to face it down while botanically altered.)

And then home for a nice sherry, some late-night cartoons on Adult Swim and a long, long nap.