The Text That Came In The Night: The End Of Fork & Barrel?

Yawn. Why can’t you people let us sleep? Received the following text at 12:09 a.m. this morning from a well-placed source:

Sorry for the late text… Fork and Barrel, Tap and Table, and the Bookstore officially folded a few hours ago. Farmer’s Cabinet to remain open.

If true, I can only imagine that the not-exactly-ideal commute from Center City (Farmer’s Cabinet) to East Falls (F&B) to Emmaus (Tap and Table) to Bethlehem (The Bookstore) — the same people are behind all four spots — has something to do with it. If untrue, some late texter has a lot of explaining to do.

In any event, I can only hope that the people I emailed about this already today are still asleep. Unlike some of us.


UPDATE: The rumors are (mostly) true. Go here to read a statement from one of the owners.