Science Can Be Fun and Tasty

The Philadelphia Science Festival kicks off today and runs through the 28th. The citywide collaboration will showcase the impact of science and technology as part of a national movement to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. And as we all know, the best way to inspire a scientist is through his or her stomach.

The festival includes a series of food-science events by Yards Brewery, SPTR and the Continental.

>Friday, April 15

Science Story Slam After-Party: Science Festival Beer Tapping
Kite & Key Restaurant, 1836 Callowhill St., 9pm

Be among the first to taste Yards special craft Science Festival Beer!

>Monday, April 18

Flavor Tripping: The Magical Miracle Berry
Continental Restaurant, 136 Market St., 6pm

One little red berry can change everything. Pop one of these miracle fruits into your mouth and lemons become sweet and chocolate, well, doesn’t taste anything like chocolate.  Before you experiment, you’ll learn about how we taste and what is behind these unexpected sensations. Reservation required. ($)

Science on Tap presents: Science Quizzo
National Mechanics, 22 S. 3rd St., 6pm

Test your knowledge of scientific trivia at this two-hour Quizzo spectacular

Drinking and Thinking: An Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
South Philly Tap Room, 1509 Mifflin St., 7pm

Discuss what has shaped the way we think about life, death, and our use of biomedical technology.

>Tuesday, April 19

An Electronic Nose
The Bards, 2013 Walnut St., 6:30pm

Find out haw nanotechnology can be used to simulate the smell receptors of the nose!

What Can Fuel Cells do for You?
Dark Horse Pub, 421 S. 2nd   St., 6:30pm

Join this discussion about fuel cells and why this technology may be crucial to helping us rid our dependency on fossil fuel.

Human Experimentation
Tavern 17, 220 S. 17th St., 7pm

Breakthroughs in medicine are only possible if human beings are the test subjects in medical experiments—explore the ethical implications of these practices.

Wednesday, April 20

The Artisanal Microbe: Cheese
Di Bruno Brothers, 1730 Chestnut Street, 6:30pm

Try local cheeses while enjoying a discussion on the role microbes play in making cheeses.

>Thursday, April 21

Philadelphia Nerd Nite
Marbar, 200 S. 40th St., 7:30pm

Nerds and non nerds alike gather to meet, drink and learn something new. ($)

>Friday, April 22

In the Mouth of a Lion: The Sensory World of Animals
Rembrandt’s, 741 N. 23rd St., 6pm

Alter your taste buds to see why cats dislike candy and love things we find vile during this exciting, experimental discussion.

>Saturday, April 23

From Hops to Stein: The Science of Beer
Yards Brewery, 901 N. Delaware Ave., 7pm

Discover the magic behind brewing and the ways in which our taste buds and noses (yes, noses!) process these sudsy delights. While you’re here, quaff a pint of the specially-brewed, limited-edition Philadelphia Science Festival Beer. ($)

>Monday, April 25

Café Scientifique presents: Fading Senses
Bella Cena, 1506 Spruce St., 6pm

Discuss how age-related changes in our sense of smell are related to everything from nutrition to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Do You Know What’s in Your Genes?
Continental Restaurant, 138 Market St., 6pm

Discuss how “personalized medicine” has the potential to revolutionize the current practice of medicine.

>Tuesday, April 26

Lunch for Hungry Minds: Brain Tumors in Children
University City Science Center, 3711 Market St, Suite 800, 11:30am

Join this discussion on the steps needed to combat brain tumors in children.

>Wednesday, April 27

Stem Cell Breakthroughs
Midatlantic Restaurant and Tap Room, 3711 Market St., 5:30pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest stem cell technology, which creates stem cells from skin cells.

All Things Fermented: The Science of Beer and Cheese
Triumph Brewing Co., 117 Chestnut St., 6:30pm

During this entertaining 2-hour tasting adventure, City Food Tours will reveal the role of fermentation in craft beers and gourmet cheeses. Advance tickets required. ($)