Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Vegans, Tastykakes, Whiskey and Flies

“I just can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered a nice, dirty martini and been surprised to find a big hunk of pork floating in it…

No, wait. That’s never happened to me. And yet every time I see something about vegan or vegetarian cocktail parties and liquor tastings I have to sit back and wonder: does this kind of thing really happen a lot? Am I just asking for the wrong drinks when I go out? Because seriously, there have been nights when I really wouldn’t have minded my two fingers of Jameson to come with a nice side of bacon.

But anyway, that’s not the point here. What is the point is that the folks behind Khyber Pass/Cantina Dos Segundos/Cantina Los Caballitos/Royal Tavern are throwing another Vegan Cocktails Philly party (this time to benefit the Food Trust) and planning another night of animal-friendly boozing and snacking for vegans, vegetarians and those who love them enough to tolerate a night without cheeseburgers (which, frankly, puts me right out of the running).”

From “Vegans Need Booze, Too,” which (unsurprisingly) started a small brushfire war in the comments section