Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Vegans, Tastykakes, Whiskey and Flies

“The company had already dropped 70% of its value in a year, deliberately skipped one debt payment (which is the corporate equivalent of that game you play with the credit card companies when money gets tight, calling up the service center and saying, “Dude, no… That check is totally in the mail.”), and following a jump in the price of flour and a move into an expensive new facility down in the Navy Yard, Tasty Baking was, in the technical parlance of the financial sector, just totally and completely fucked. There was a very good chance that, without this 11th-hour buy-out by Flowers, Tastykakes would’ve simply vanished into a black hole of bad debt and bankruptcy negotiation, leaving the world (or at least this corner of it) all the poorer for its lack of unusually-spelled snack options.”

From “Tastykake Gets Sold (Which, Believe It Or Not, Is Good News)