Atlantic City Soul Food Chef Takes On IHOP

I’m a big fan of publicity stunts – kind of a lost art these days, with a few local notable exceptions like shameless self-promoter Tommy Up, owner of PYT. And I’m an even bigger fan of publicity stunts that seek to shame gross chain restaurants and the gross food that they serve. So I feel obliged to tell you about Harlem-schooled soul food chef Carl Redding (pictured), owner of Redding’s in Atlantic City.

Today at noon in front of the IHOP in Mays Landing, Chef Redding will protest IHOP’s current chicken-and-waffles campaign, which has been extensively advertised over the last week. “Eating Chicken and Waffles at IHOP is like eating a Philly cheese steak in Montana,” said the chef in a release issued this morning. To which I say: Word to your mother. Join the chef in anti-IHOP solidarity today as he cooks real chicken-and-waffles and gives it away to the public. In case you’re in the neighborhood, the address is 4618 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing.