Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Burgers, Butter, Bankruptcy and Nuclear Tuna

“Lots of eye-rolling went on back in 2008 and 2009 when Philadelphia saw a trifecta of grand steakhouses opening in a city (and nation) on the verge of economic disaster: Stephen Starr’s Butcher & Singer, Dallas-based chain Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, and the $12 million locally-owned Union Trust on Washington Square West. Well, Starr slid right through the mess, as he tends to do. And though Del Frisco’s has had its share of problems (unpaid bills and the hilarious dumpster wars, for instance) and rumors of its demise pop up now and again, it seems to have weathered the storm. But Union Trust has not been so lucky.”

From “Union Trust Files For Bankruptcy,” just the start of a saga that promises to drag on for a good, long time.

“Yesterday Gabrielle Hamilton, author of Blood, Bones & Butter and owner of New York’s Prune restaurant appeared as a guest of  First Person Arts’ Edible World series at Pumpkin for brunch. There, she enthralled the brunch crowd telling stories of her life, her restaurant and how the book came to be.

Tonight she’s a guest of Marc Vetri at Amis’ Industry Night where Hamilton, a 2011 James Beard Award nominee will be recreating her childhood tradition of a spring lamb roast.”

I didn’t get here soon enough to attend, but hopefully a few of you took our good advice and went to see Hamilton speak (and cook)