David Ansill (Finally) Unloads Ansill; Chip Roman Rumored To Be Interested

Ever since chef David Ansill closed Ansill Food & Wine way back in July 2009, Ansillites, who first raved about his mad skills at his acclaimed Pif, have hoped that he’d reopen one of the businesses. After all, he still owned the Ansill building at 627 South 3rd Street. But not any more.

After clearing up a bunch of tax liens and debt that could have sent the property to sheriff’s sale, Ansill (pictured) sold the 920 square foot restaurant for $615,000 at the end of February. The buyer was Third Bainbridge Partners, which is registered to the same address as Pearl Properties, owner of dozens of prime locations throughout the city. Pearl’s president, James Pearlstein, did not return calls seeking more information.

Ansill, who has been in the kitchen at Ladder 15 for over a year, says the last he heard, Chip Roman of Blackfish and Mica was considering the space. Roman has indicated that he wants to open downtown but wouldn’t comment for this story. And while the rest of the foodie community would be excited at the prospect of Chip Roman in Queen Village, Ansill says, “I just don’t give a damn.”

But don’t count the notoriously prickly chef out just yet. According to the PLCB, Ansill still owns the liquor license that was associated with his namesake restaurant. But his latest idea would be quite a bit less fussy than his other efforts: he wants to open a soup spot. “I love soup – it’s the basis by which I judge all restaurants,” he explains. “If you can’t make good soup, what are you doing?”