More Federal Donuts (and Chicken) Details

We checked in with Zahav chef-owner Mike Solomonov last week to try and squeeze out some more info on Federal Donuts, the new fried chicken and donuts shop he’s planning with the BODHI Coffee folks and Felicia D’Ambrosio that  we told you about last week. Here’s what we found out:

The Donuts: Federal will serve ring-shaped cake donuts that will be offered in both simple and outrageous flavors.  “We’re working on a couple of base recipes, but definitely the one with buttermilk is winning,” says Solomonov. He’s also adding baharat, a Turkish spice blend that incorporates both cinnamony, sweet and savory notes, to the batter. As for the unusual flavors, here’s an example of one he’s been tinkering with: a donut injected with brown sugar and brown butter custard, dipped in a grapefruit glaze.

“While we’ll always have interesting and unusual flavors,” he says, “There’s something to be said about a simple fresh donut rolled in just cinnamon and sugar.” And a hot one: they’ll be getting a donut machine that will pop out hot pastries “a la minute”

The Chicken: This is not your classic American fried chicken. It’s Korean-style: lightly battered and shatteringly crispy. Solo says it’ll be “aggressively seasoned” and dressed in sauce, but he’s working on some other dips (previously mentioned flavors included black garlic and date molasses; and mango, pickle and passion fruit.)

Most important question of all (well, it is if you live nearby): Will they deliver? Solo says they plan on it.

No solid opening date, other than “summer.”

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