Line of the Week: Where You At?

Because this is Philadelphia — or excuse me, Philadelphia and its surrounding counties — it is the law that every blog post most include at least one comment challenging the geographical location named in the post. Because if someone got murdered on a corner of 6th and Bainbridge, what’s really important is making sure you correctly identify whether it was on the Bella Vista or Queen Village corner. Commenter Josh A. has a take on it that we really enjoyed:

What is up with Philadelphian’s obsession with geography? It’s not bella vista it’s society hill. It’s not northern liberties, it’s fishtown. it’s not fishtown, it’s port richmond. Or is it just SIWOTI? (someone is wrong on the internet)

You’ll find Josh A.’s in our post on Main Line Restaurant Week. Which is, technically, Main Line and the Western Suburbs Restaurant Week.