Get Ready for Cook, Coming to Rittenhouse in June

Here’s one of the coolest projects we’ve heard about in a long time (and no, we’re not just saying that because our overlords are the official sponsors). In June, restaurateur Audrey Claire Taichman will open Cook, a collaborative kitchen, demo space and free-flowing forum for food-lovers, along the lines of chef Barbara Lynch’s Stir in Boston. It will occupy the building at the corner of 20th and Rittenhouse Streets (pictured) that was, up until last month, Snackbar. Taichman also owns Audrey Claire and Twenty Manning Grill, both located on the same block of 20th Street.

What will the food-curious find in this laboratory? Everything from hands-on cooking classes with guest chefs to “open stove” nights where sous chefs, line cooks, and even aspiring amateurs can showcase their talents in the kitchen. Expect to see intimate gatherings with cookbook authors, wine tastings, cocktail classes (the liquor license is staying), and classes for kids on weekends.

It will also be a resource for Philadelphia chefs, complete with a library, resource center and audio visual capabilities. Philadelphia magazine will host and promote events for the endeavor. Magazine president David Lipson is excited to be involved as “so much about Philadelphia is about food.”

We’ll roll out updates on pricing, classes and more as soon as they come in. In the meantime, tell us in the comments what kind of classes and events you’d like to see there.