Updated: Royal Sushi and Izakaya Pop-Up

The Royal Tavern/Cantinas/Khyber team originally considered turning Old City’s the Khyber into an izakaya. But that idea gave way to the Southern-inspired Khyber Pass Pub. But on Monday, February 21st the izakaya concept will show up as a one-night pop-up. The Khyber’s Facebook page showed its hand today with a link to http://royalsushiandizakaya.com/.

The URL prompts as many questions as it answers. UPDATE: Answers from Khyber co-owner Stephen Simons, dead ahead:

How many of these pop-ups will there be?
Simons says this is “probably the first in a series and definitely the only one where ramen will be the featured dish.” But it won’t be the only dish. There will be a whole menu of izakaya-style fare like gyoza and pork buns to sample. There will not be sushi at the pop-up, as the Khyber isn’t really equipped for sushi preparation.

Is chef Todd Dae Kulper, who was on tap for the izakaya project, at the helm?
Yes, Kulper will be the chef. He’ll be there that night preparing the menu.

Can we expect the izakaya to be called Royal Sushi and Izakaya?
Yes, Simons says the actual restaurant, whose location is still up in the air, will be called Royal Sushi and Izakaya.

Will there be additional beverages available?
Yes. Expect to see soju and sake and at least one specialty cocktail. They’re trying to score a cask of one of the cult Japanese Hitachino beers, but supplies are low.

The pop-up menu will be available from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. on February 21. Simons says they’re expecting — and prepared for — crowds. Khyber’s regular Southern fare menu will be available as well.

Royal Sushi and Izakaya [Official Site]
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