Both Food & Drink Star at Corner

Adam Erace calls the Aviation cocktail at the Corner the best in the city and he has high praise for the food too.

[I]t’s the Kirby served astride the epic grilled cheese that’s really noteworthy. I don’t even like pickles — for shame, I know — but this one, brined with dashi and finger chilies, is bewitching. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the spear is served with a brioche-slabbed sandwich whose primary ingredients include Sottocenere cheese, black truffles and braised, pulled short rib. The buttered behemoth is some Man vs. Food shit, man, and finishing it seems an insurmountable challenge. I managed, thanks to invisible forces like shallot, red onion, cilantro (tucked into the sandwich) and pineapple, lingering like a lipstick stain on the beef it helps to braise. They kept the rich dish from crossing into gratuitous territory.

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