The Saloon Still Has It

Trey Popp has a new online only review each month called The Revisit. In the first installment he visits the venerable Saloon.

[T]he homemade fettuccini is as delicate as they make it further south at Le Virtù, and my heaping portion of it came with a veal shank big enough to hide behind. It practically melted off its center bone, for which a marrow fork had been snuck onto my place setting without ceremony. What a relief to have that luxurious pleasure presented as an unctuous accent rather than as a macho centerpiece, as it would have been at Adsum or Barbuzzo or anywhere else that’s caught up in the foodie fetish for marrow. That’s a sense of propriety and proportion you’ll appreciate on the heels of the not-to-be-missed clams Pavarotti—a purported Saloon invention, albeit from way back, that lards the bivalve with lump crab and shrimp under béchamel sauce.

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