Fun with Press Releases: Which Ingredients Will Produce Bad Aftermath?

Normally, we only provide an excerpt of the ridonkulous press releases that arrive in our inbox, but this one is so very special, we’re displaying the entire thing.

Super Bowl parties have become a tradition right along with New Years Eve and the 4th of July. It is no longer just a day for sports enthusiast but also a day for food enthusiasts. Super Bowl has become the second largest food consumption day of the year, second only to Thanksgiving.

Each year bloggers, foodies and newspapers around the country list the hottest recipes such as last years the hot recipe the bacon-stuffed, bacon wrapped Italian sausage – a recipe sure to play havoc on your stomach. THE FART WITHOUT FEAR COOKBOOK by chefs WAYNE CHEN and GARY GOSS is a tongue-in-cheek cookbook that offers Super Bowl recipes and tips on how to avoid those embarrassing moments when the food settles and decides to “vent.”

THE FART WITHOUT FEAR COOKBOOK contains sample recipes, and outrageously entertaining yet fact-based fartoids, which teach you how to:

–Know which ingredients will produce the bad aftermaths.
–Learn how to rate, prepare and change the good or bad level of any comfort food, recipe or other favorite cuisine of choice.
–Amuse and dazzle family, friends and guests with new nutrition and scientific insights.
–Laugh out loud and often.
–Fart without fear or guilt.
–Never look at food the same way ever again.

What’s the most important thing to remember about Super Bowl recipes? It should be a day that your guests can eat guilt free because no self-respecting football snacker counts calories during the Super Bowl. But be warned, guests and hosts will have to pay the price for these fart-induced recipes.

We’re just … yep. We almost feel sorry for the publicist here.