A Walk Through the Italian Market

Last Friday we walked through the Italian Market chronicling the changing food landscape.

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Monsu – According to Meal Ticket the Sicilian restaurant from Modo Mio’s Peter McAndrews might open as soon as tomorrow. We love that there will be brunch every day that they’re open.

Paesano’s – With Monsu taking over the 9th and Christian Paesano’s location the sandwich shop is moving deeper into the Italian Market, taking over the former Bebe’s.

943 – This Argentinian restaurant has been in the works for two years.

DiBruno Brothers Wine Bar – The conversion from DiBruno Pronto to a wine bar has been in the works even longer than 943. Back in the fall it was delayed to the new year. No sign work has begun.

Santucci Square Pizza – The Northeast’s famous pizza spot is under construction at 10th and Christian.