Restaurant Week: Point, Counter-Point

Every day during the Center City District’s Restaurant Week we’ll be highlighting a restaurant week deal as well as some non-Restaurant Week counter programming to the big event.

Restaurant Week Deal

Not every restaurant participating in Restaurant Week is on OpenTable. Because of that you can sometimes score a primo reservation at a non-OpenTable restaurant. Here are some of the 50 Best Restaurants that are not on OpenTable but are participating in Restaurant Week; Bindi, Lolita, Mercato, Pumpkin and Oyster House.

Non Restaurant Week Deal

Tommy Up’s P.Y.T. is doing something they’re calling “Best-aurant Week” where he’s pairing different burgers and adult shakes for $15 to $25. For $25 you get Krispy Kreme burger, cheese fries and an adult shake with an extra shot. Bring your own defibrillator.