Foobooz 2010 Zeitgeist

Happy New Year. Here’s one last look back on 2010, this time through the lens of what was popular on the web site, from the most read posts to the most searched for pizza spots.

The results are after the jump.

Zeitgeist is defined as the general mood of a period of time. Below is the Foobooz 2010 Zeitgeist. What search terms brought people to Foobooz, what neighborhoods were most popular…

Starr v. Garces v. Vetri

Starr/Garces/Vetri Searches

Battle of the Fins

Le Bec-Fin vs. Hoof + Fin

2010 in Pizza

Most searched for pizza restaurants

Food Trucks

Most searched for food trucks

Foobooz 2009 Zeitgeist