Year in Review: October


Dish of the Month

Ricotta gnudi at Adsum

I savored it under the awnings at Adsum, spearing each featherweight bite with seasonal comrades of sweet sautéed corn, heirloom tomatoes and leaves of licorice-y tarragon. The weather was not quite summer, not quite fall, a balmy breeze drifting through. Moments and dishes you don’t want to end. – Adam Erace, City Paper

Quote of the Month

“In an untouchable virtual world, sidewalk cafes and food trucks and “night markets” (another one is planned for spring) have emerged as concrete touchstones – the social network made flesh and blood and turnip.”Rick Nichols, Philadelphia Inquirer

Notable Openings

Baby Blues, Biba, JG Domestic, Village Belle

Notable Closings

APO Bar + Lounge, Ro-Zu