Year in Review: July


Dish of the Month

Dry Pepper-Style Crabs at Han Dynasty

[Han] Chiang’s chefs portion up hard-shell crabs, lightly dust them in flour to provide a salty crunch, deep-fry them and then stir-fry the suckers with peppers in hot pot stock, which the crab meat engulfs in an embrace, like two people in love who haven’t seen each other in a year. This painstaking process turns out shells hard enough to provide the fastidious glee of digging out the tender meat inside, but soft enough to crack between your thumb and forefinger; this Marylander approves. – Drew Lazor, Meal Ticket

Quote of the Month

“Waiting for Good Dough” – City Paper’s Philadelphia pizza story ‘s title.

Notable Openings

Adsum, Catahoula, Paloma

Notable Closings

Bebe’s Barbecue, Headhouse, Kong, Roy’s