Year in Review: June

Stanley Cupkake

Stanley Cupcake – Replica Stanley Cup constructed from Tastykakes, on display at the Comcast Center


Dish of the Month

Taylor Bay Scallops on the half at Sycamore

Taylor Bay scallops on the half, guts and all, a gutsy move for suburbia. Hell, a gutsy move for the city. Jacobson plucks ’em, shucks ’em, serves ’em right in their coral-colored, fan-shaped shells. They slide down your throat, sweet at first, with a salt-kissed marine finish suggesting East Coast oysters. The tangy, magenta rhubarb mignonette was a nice touch. I’m into it; so, it would appear, is the crowd. – Adam Erace, Philadelphia Weekly

Notable Openings

Diving Horse, Tweed

Notable Closings

Naked Chocolate Cafe, Saute