Year in Review: April


April featured all-you-can-eat sushi at Pod


Dish of the Month

Lamb Tongues at Amis

Order lamb tongues. They are salt-brined for two days, braised on the third, then dipped in egg and bread crumbs on the way to the sauté pan. Four slices the size of checkers come on a bed of salsa rosso that blooms in your mouth with such depth and smoothness you’ll wonder what exotic subspecies of red pepper traveled how many thousand miles to be the base of it. Trey Popp, City Paper

Quote of the Month

[R]arely does a meal fall this short of the marketing hype… As for the burgers, the quality of the meat was pretty good, but they had a tightly packed consistency that gave them a pre-fab feel that would be unremarkable if you encountered it at your next block party. - Craig LaBan on Bobby’s Burger Palace.

Notable Openings

, El Rey, Le Viet

Notable Closings

Little Fish, Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus