Is Le Bec-Fin Really Closing?

After his Le Bec-Fin building was spotted for sale over the summer,  Georges Perrier announced he would be closing the institution in the Spring of 2011. But will he? Recently we’ve heard rumblings that the restaurant may not close.

More than one recent diner, Chowhound and this blogger have stated that the restaurant will not close. Even Eric Ripert weighed in, telling us he doubted the Perrier would close his flagship restaurant.

But we’ve also heard from employees that the story changes by the day, somedays Le Bec-Fin is closing, others it is not, it depends on Georges’ mood.

Interestingly, the restaurant has completely overhauled its web site and joined Facebook. Not the actions of a restaurant winding down.

If you’re considering a visit, the $40 Anniversary Menu has been extended indefinitely. The menu is offered Monday throughThursday between 5 and 6pm in the Main Dining Room and Monday through Thursday from  5 to 10pm in Le Bar Lyonnais. But to us, why go on the cheap, we would like to try the pressed lobster.

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