News for People Who Like Bad News

Photo by Vance Lehmkuhl |

Philadelphia’s Christmas Village has lost its Christmas. And what do you know, the story made Drudge Report yesterday. We’re sure this will blow over without anyone getting blustery. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

American Blackboard, the restaurant from Tim McGinnis is off the table. The always painful philosophical differences are to blame. [Meal Ticket]

McFaddens and bartender settle discrimination suit. Bartender Michael L. Bolden receives no financial compensation. General Manager Walt Wyrsta was fired for his inflamatory texts. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

After 77-years the Flannerys are getting out of the bar business. Owner, Butch Flannery is selling TA Flannery’s at 21st and Ludlow. Saturday, December 18th marks the last hurrah. [Facebook]