Top Bars by the Numbers

Our 2010 Top 50 Bars list sure has gotten some attention. Visits to the site has been up 63% since we published the list. Here are some other numbers we’ve pulled out:

  • Six bars on the list face Passyunk Avenue.
  • 14 bars are located South of South Street.
  • TJ’s and Teresa’s Next Door were the only two suburban bars on this year’s list
  • 21 bars made the list that weren’t on last year’s Top 50, including the number one bar, Franklin Mortgage.
  • 6 cocktail bars make the list.
  • We count 11 spots where beer is the primary draw including 2 brew pubs.
  • Number of comments complaining about hipsters, five.
  • Number of panelists who self-identify themselves as hipsters, zero.

Top 50 Bars [f8b8z]