Mustard Greens Still Fresh

Last week a friend of us said he went to this new Chinese restaurant, Mustard Greens. We were puzzled as we knew it had been there for 20-or-so years, how could he have thought it was new? Then we walked by the 2nd and Bainbridge restaurant last night and saw the brand-new glass facade, the updated decor and bar in the front. The place looked good, it looked new. And today Adam Erace takes a look a the re-done restaurant.

If Mustard Greens had an official theme song, it would be OutKast’s “So Fresh, So Clean.” That even extends to entrées like tender pork in snappy “firecracker sauce” that would barely hit a 1 on the Han Dynasty spicy scale but was nonetheless lively; and fluffy fried rice mixed with crunchy snow peas and bits of curry-scented chicken. Complimentary smiles of sweet fresh honeydew sent me on way feeling more spry than when I entered. Mustard Greens is fresh to death, and you don’t need a fortune cookie to figure it out.

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