Three Bells & Plenty of Praise for Adsum

Craig LaBan has plenty of praise for Matt Levin and his Adsum. It’s LaBan’s most glowing review in quite some time.

Levin, partnered here with entrepreneur Kar Vivekananthan and Jon Runyan (former Eagle and aspiring congressman), is without doubt one of the city’s most gifted chefs. And pushing the envelope is what he does best, whether it’s with the haute ingredients of his former post, or figuring out how to vacuum-infuse the buttermilk inside the flesh of his sous-vide poached, shatteringly crisp, velvety fried chicken. He shouldn’t lose that edge while fine-tuning his message for a wide-open audience.

Already, Adsum has a shot at becoming that rare place where innovation meets accessibility, and there’s something for everyone at a fair price.

Three Bells – Excellent

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