Around the Web: Lunching Edition

Where can you find one of the most legitimate Korean restaurants around? Would you believe in the parking lot behind Chili’s and Atlantis Gentleman’s Club? Well that’s what Midtown Lunch says about Koreana. [Midtown Lunch]

Craig LaBan discovers a Red Snapper lunch special at Valley Green Inn on Forbidden Drive. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philadining is always ready to check out a restaurant that serves soup dumplings. Red Kings in Chinatown is the latest place he checks out and enjoys. [Philadining]

El Fuego is always a good call for lunch and as Two Eat Philly discovers, it works at happy hour too. [Two Eat Philly]

An Empty Fridge explores Haddon Township and finds three fine choices for lunch. [An Empty Fridge]

Yelp is Out to Lunch

What do you want for lunch? Judging by the top returns searching “lunch” on, an unsurprising priority of “cheap, fast and tasty” rules our quest for midday meals.

The breakdown: Only three sit-down restaurants with table service make the list, and they all serve Asian cuisine (Su Xing House, Mi Lah Vegetarian and newcomer Old City Asian Bistro).  Whatever we’re eating, we want it between buns: Jean’s Cafe, Di Bruno Bros., Old Nelson Food Company and Café Lutecia are all called out for stellar sandwiches. Two classic (non-Twittering!) street carts, Magic Carpet and King of Falafel, have falafeled their way into our hearts.  Slept-on Little Thai Market lights up the Reading Terminal Market, with salmon curry and shrimp coconut soup called out as go-tos.

Yelp’s Top Ten Results for Lunch in Philadelphia

  1. Jean’s Cafe
  2. Su Xing House
  3. Di Bruno Bros. (Rittenhouse location)
  4. Café Lutecia
  5. Mi Lah Vegetarian
  6. Magic Carpet (34th & Walnut cart)
  7. King of Falafel
  8. Little Thai Market
  9. Old Nelson Food Company (7th & Chestnut location)
  10. Old City Asian Bistro